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Wycotec website attracts architects and applicants

The construction company Wycotec, which specialises in B2B buildings, has been active for 10 years. Business is going well, but the company wants to shift up a gear.

Its director, Pascale De Backer, wanted to increase brand awareness of her company. “I want a website that convinces architects and contractors to work with us, but also one that attracts new job applicants. Because good employees are so hard to find!”

Magelaan gladly accepted the challenge of attracting attention all round.


Magelaan’s first creation was an animated logo with sound. This immediately became the cornerstone of an attractive, sleek and modern website that appeals to architects and contractors, but also convinces potential employees to apply for a job.

Visually, everything had to be convincing. Instead of explaining to the target audience why they wanted to work with Wycotec, we decided simply to show it.


The world of construction, metalworking and total finishing is not for the faint-hearted. That’s why the new Wycotec logo is solid, sturdy, sleek and strong, as befits a B2B construction company.

But that’s not all. We gave the animated logo – that ends with a perfect dot on the i – its own corporate sound. The animation of the logo and the accompanying sonic branding convey the dynamics, skill and crafted passion of the company. It can be used efficiently as an additional marketing tool and as supplementary employer branding.

“Every project is a priority for us, and the result is quality. Our website now reflects this as well.” – Pascale De Backer

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