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Matching insurance with IT

The world is going more digital every day, and the responsibility of IT consultants is increasing. One small mistake can have extreme consequences, especially financial ones.

Steven Uyttersprot at Lukas Verzekeringen offers IT people customised insurance providing cover for professional mistakes. “I can make their lives so much easier", he said, “but I don't know how to reach them.”

Fortunately, Magelaan did.


We used a Facebook campaign to define the target group of IT professionals clearly.

Then we sent them the following clear message:

Don't let one professional IT mistake ruin your life. Make sure you’re insured!


The images and text in a Facebook campaign need to reinforce each other. And that goes for moving images too! An IT consultant is walking along a corridor full of servers. He is relaxed, calm, at ease and unhurried.

Our message? Professional IT insurance from Certibit takes the stress away. Enjoy peace of mind instead.

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