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It is not only important what Magelaan does, but also how it does it. Sustainability really is at the top of Magelaan’s agenda. In everything we do, corporate sustainability is number one.

Ever since its foundation, Magelaan has operated according to the sustainable principles of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). We do business with integrity according to economic, aesthetic and ethical criteria and always have an eye for the interests of all parties involved.

Magelaan and sustainability

Our sustainable enterprise is expressed in the way we cooperate with customers, suppliers and employees, but also in our environmentally-conscious actions.

Sustainability at Magelaan translates into the following pillars.

Dealing sustainably with people

Magelaan can certainly be described as a people-oriented organisation. We focuse on being a Human Centric Organisation, connecting communication, mindfulness, stress reduction, a personal training plan, etc.

How does Magelaan engage sustainably with employees?

  • We involve our employees in drafting and developing annual operational objectives,
  • communicate openly about policy, day-to-day operations and the ups and downs of our organisation,
  • and we strongly believe in equality of opportunity.

We believe it is important that people can grow and discover what our sector and our business is all about. We therefore also offer internships and workplace learning.

In December 2018, we were awarded the Charter family-friendly organisation by De Gezinsbond (the Family Federation). That label awards companies that consider their employees as the most important asset and treat them accordingly. As a company, we are constantly looking for a harmonious combination of work and family.

Dealing sustainably with customers and suppliers

What do we focus on in our relationship with customers and suppliers?

The Magelaan team:

  • always provides correct communication advice with a view to cost efficiency,
  • investigates the best possible form of communication in print or digital, even if this results in less turnover for us
  • and pays close attention to the environmental impact of the products.

By sustainable relations with our suppliers, we also mean fine and considerate dealings with each other, with mutual understanding of each other’s deadlines and pressures.

Find out how we help our clients communicate about sustainability.

Dealing sustainably with the environment

Sustainable business and sustainability also manifest themselves in caring for the environment, both within the production process and in day-to-day operations.

We already take many measures to work ecologically and are constantly looking for new ways to do our bit even more. For instance, we consciously choose to use our company bicycle or public transport for short trips and a shared car or public transport for longer trips.

Magelaan is also affiliated with energy supplier Ecopower, which supplies us with 100% green electricity.

Dealing sustainably with society

A sustainable business never exists in isolation but always takes account of the environment. Magelaan also tries to propagate the principles of sustainable enterprise in a slightly wider geographical area. We do this by regularly making our knowledge and know-how available to social organisations and associations.

Did you know that Magelaan is a financial partner of Streekfonds Oost-Vlaanderen, which supports local initiatives?

We also perform corporate sustainability

Magelaan also does sustainable business in collaboration with other sustainable entrepreneurs.

Magelaan and The Shift

Magelaan is a convinced member of The Shift, the Belgian collective for sustainability and sustainable business. Together with 600 institutional members, we are moving towards a more sustainable society and economy within the international framework of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

We do this by consulting with each other, exchanging expertise and knowledge on sustainability and sharing our networks.

Magelaan and Etion

Etion brings values-driven and values-conscious entrepreneurs and business leaders together.

Magelaan is therefore an enthusiastic member. There, we meet like-minded people, search for values that drive us and address topics that support our entrepreneurship.

Magelaan and ACC

Magelaan is also a convinced member of ACC, the professional association of Belgian communication and event agencies.

The association defends our interests and helps draw up ethical codes for influencers, fair practices in advertising (JEP) and advertising to children. It also ensures that the efforts requested in pitches are proportionate.

Magelaan and Vonk

Magelaan is also a member of Vonk, the network for internal communication. This broad network comprises some 500 internal communication professionals in Flanders and Brussels who work for multinationals, SMEs, private companies as well as social profit and government organisations.

They keep their finger on the pulse of trends in sustainable business.

Magelaan stands 100% for corporate sustainability

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We look forward to being equally sustainable with you and your team, and creating beautiful, sustainable business.

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