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“Our umbrella organisation works with a range of stakeholders, but they are all so different from each other. We’re looking for professional branding that appeals to all of them. What’s the best way to go about it?”

Sandrine Jung, the communication coordinator at the Patient Expert Centre, came to Magelaan with that question.


The Patient Expert Centre told us all about their activities, vision and mission, as well as their stakeholders.

Besides the key figure of the patient, there were patients’ associations, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and even patient experts. All those stakeholders come under a single umbrella organisation.

We started with the decision to integrate all the parties and their interactions visually.


We developed an attractive logo that included all the different groups.

In the middle of the logo, you see a blue dot that symbolises each patient. The patient is encircled by companies, government bodies, doctors and hospitals, each in a different colour.

The patient experts are in the outermost ring. They support the stakeholders in providing patient care, based on their experience and medical training.

The house style colours in the logo are used structurally throughout the entire website.

A PowerPoint presentation, templates and an electronic newsletter complete the branding.

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