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The Belgian multinational Agfa-Gevaert Group can’t escape the great talent hunt. Like many companies, they are constantly searching for new employees to fill a range of positions. Ideally local people who want to work in an innovative environment.

“There are plenty of people in Antwerp with the skills they need to work for us! But how do we find them?”, Agfa’s HR people asked us.

Magelaan to the rescue.


We went all-out for proximity and recognisability, focusing mainly on Antwerp residents who wanted to work in a future-oriented company just down the street.

All our visuals used locally recognisable backgrounds: buildings that people drive past every day, as it were. We indicated proximity with images of public transport, a bicycle, a scooter, or a person walking. We hung the posters in bus shelters. Ads appeared in Job@.


We used images of people who work at Agfa telling us how they feel about their jobs. They were both men and women, and it didn't matter if their names were Muhammad, Sara or Patrick. They were all much-appreciated members of the Agfa family.

A job at Agfa is something to be proud of. Because you work towards the world of tomorrow in an innovative environment.

“The world of tomorrow? I’m working on it. At Agfa.”

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