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Attentive listening and proactive thinking deliver great results

In 2017, Vanheede approached us to ask if we could design their sustainability report. “We don’t just mean shaping it, but really thinking along with us, guiding us and supporting us. Because the only way to succeed in creating a document that has an impact is by combining our brainpower.”

It looks like we got it right, because this year we will be designing their sustainability report for the fifth time.

“Each new report is right on target – we have every confidence in that.” - Kim Delvoye.


Vanheede’s sustainability report is always the result of intense collaboration and a typical example of an ongoing process. We constantly communicate back and forth, question things, give constructive advice.

During the design process, the phone never stops ringing. We talk to each other about the overall concept, what we want to communicate, how we go about it and so on. The general picture is always fixed, but we constantly adjust the details. And the goal is always the same: to create maximum value.


The colours of Vanheede’s house style, yellow and green, are a recurring motif in all the sustainability reports. The colours create a harmonious, attractive connection between all the texts about the 5 Ps that the waste processing company focuses on.

However, the sustainability report is more than just a good news show.

In the latest editions, attention is increasingly shifting towards the European ESGs. And that has caught the eye of the jury at the Sustainability Awards. They reacted positively to the balanced coverage of aspects that are sometimes more negative and gave it a special mention in their report.

Sustainability initiatives are not always easy to understand. To make the message comprehensible to the general public, we came up with an attractive presentation.

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