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Courteous community as the key message

Sylvie De Muynck has had a single dream since she was 30: to create a genuine and close-knit community of guest speakers who are passionate about fascinating topics. People for whom courtesy is key to all their words and actions.

Now in her fifties, she is finally going for it! “I want an extrovert website that really gets the message across, as an extension of my personality. Colourful, attractive and above all convincing. Can you help me?” Sylvie asked.

Of course we could. In fact, we couldn’t wait.


Authentic; small but beautiful; these ideas convey what Sylvie is all about. She wanted to use this personal approach to set herself apart from all the other agencies for public speakers.

For her, connection is paramount.

We opted for a website full of warm colours: orangey-red, yellow ochre, purple and pink.

Sylvie stands out as a connector, facilitator and unifying force who brings a group of people together. Everyone is linked one way or another by the text and images.


Sprekerspool is a close-knit community of exciting speakers based on warm, courteous and sustainable values.

This unique selling proposition is constantly emphasised all over the website. We do this with text, colour and curvy shapes. Each guest speaker is deliberately pictured in black and white to highlight the close-knit community.

We have provided specially designed images for all eight themes. These also create a warm and authentic feel.

“The website totally reflects myself and my passion. I love it!” – Sylvie De Muynck

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