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The ‘circular bike’, good for people and the environment

Mo-Cyclette is the first business in Belgium to put a (company) bike based on the circular economy onto the market. It is produced sustainably and locally at their workshop in Lokeren by expert employees from target groups. They specialise in producing, repairing and servicing bikes. But they’re not as confident when it comes to marketing a new type of bicycle.

Never fear, that’s exactly what marketing companies like Magelaan are for.


We conducted a complete study of the market, competitors and potential for Mo-Cyclette. We used a telephone survey to find out how various entrepreneurs felt about circular company bicycles.

This culminated in a hefty report in which we explained all our findings, such as the SWOT analysis and USPs, what to emphasise in sales, what changes were needed to the website, and how to use social media to raise awareness of the circular bike.


Most people have no idea what a circular bike is or how it has a positive impact on the environment. An awareness campaign on Facebook is the first step. What is a circular bike? Who assembles it? What benefits does it offer?

We are fleshing out the Mo-Cyclette website with relevant blogs and SEO based on keyword research. The structure of the website is being rearranged to reflect the new offer, with updated version of the website texts.

We will use an animation to explain how a circular bike is made. In addition, we are designing an exhibition stand to dazzle visitors to Velofolies 2023, shooting a B2B corporate film and writing and designing a B2B brochure. Watch this space!

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