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Communicating internally and externally about sustainability

Lidl’s ambition is to be the most sustainable retail player. To achieve that goal, the hard discounter hired a strategic partner. Lidl also needed a communication partner for its internal and external communication.

“Does Magelaan want to take on that role and tackle tasks such as shaping the sustainability report?”

We threw ourselves with gusto into something that would eventually win two important awards.


A sustainability report is the ideal way to communicate with the various external stakeholders.

Three things were clear from the outset. Firstly, we needed an attractive visual presentation of Lidl’s achievements. Secondly, we had to keep everything easy to read for absolutely everyone. Last but not least, an honest summary of the results of each target would be the most sustainable approach.

For internal communication, we focused on the website and offline media.


We focused on visibility and readability with clear, short texts, infographics and illustrations.

The attractive end result in all three national languages was the result of an intense collaboration between Lidl and Magelaan. Every image, every word, and every step in the production process was carefully evaluated, adjusted and tested internally and between our teams until we achieved a concise, well-structured report in a beautiful, inviting layout.

The sustainability report received two awards: ‘Best Impact Sustainability Report’ and ‘Best Creativity & Originality’. We’re pretty proud of that.

The jury said: “This fine balance between a short report and comprehensiveness is easy to read, transparent and honest.”

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