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An appealing way to match hospitality jobs with scarce talents offers a unique solution for the many vacancies in the hospitality industry that are difficult to fill. Hospitality businesses can advertise their vacancies to potential employees on this online platform all year round, for an unrivalled price of just 1 euro per day.

Another unique feature is that the potential hospitality recruits take the lead. They decide for themselves whether to accept a job offer. The employer is only given permission to view the applicants’ details if they want the job.

There are still not enough hospitality businesses that post their vacancies on the platform. That number needs to increase. “Can Magelaan make that happen?”

Of course we can.


It was two weeks before the hospitality trade fair in Ghent. So it was the perfect moment for a Facebook campaign to acquaint hospitality businesses with the advantages of the Horeca Werkt platform – and to convince them to actually start using it.

Hospitality businesses were given an extra trade fair discount that they simply couldn’t refuse. Businesses that signed up before a specific date would pay even less than 1 euro/day.


The style of the Facebook campaign matched the style of perfectly. We decided to give the campaign a challenging, enticing twist, sometimes even with an animated joke. After all, standing out is the key to success in a struggling sector.

We added an attractive landing page to the website with the same enticing visuals.

At the hospitality trade fair itself, we reeled in young hospitality talent to Horeca Werkt with an attractive stand and eye-catching posters. That was important too, because obviously the hospitality industry needs talent as well as employers.

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