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Helping to fill the great shortage of people in healthcare

There is a huge shortage of healthcare workers, as every child knows. But a partial solution is at hand. The government offers working people paid training in healthcare professions. It’s a great initiative.

Febi, the umbrella organisation of training funds in the healthcare sector, came to us with the request to tackle their recruitment campaign.

We couldn’t wait to get started right away in both the national languages, and the campaign was a success!

“Magelaan’s campaign was so successful we had to stop it early.” - Febi


We researched which people might be willing to switch to a career in care. We also asked what was preventing those who were willing from actually doing “something in healthcare”?

It turned out that the financial implications worried them most. “Train for my dream job in healthcare? That’s all well and good. But who will pay the bills?” Fortunately, the government offers paid training.


It soon became clear that the best way to reach the target group was on Facebook. We investigated what type of images attracted the target group and which arguments they found most convincing. As well as “wanting to do something for people”, the key factor was financial reassurance.


We came up with a slogan, campaign images and accompanying texts that fully reflected this.

The conditions and application procedure were quite complex. To help people get on top of it all, we created an explainer video in which animated figures clearly explained all the conditions and the steps to be taken.

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