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Creation of a unique promotional gift

Do you know what the Belgian Chambers do? They are the federation of the Belgian Chambers of Commerce and the Belgian Chambers of Commerce abroad. From this position, they support bilateral partnerships with foreign countries.

Admit it, you probably didn't know that. You’re not the only one. Many people lack a clear idea of what the Chambers do, and that is precisely the problem. So the first request the Belgian Chambers had for us was: “Can you help us make it clearer what we offer?”

Their second request was intriguing too: “Can you help us find a unique promotional gift for all our international contacts?”


The first request was easy to deal with. We created several attractive brochures for them that explained clearly what exactly the Belgian Chambers do, what services they offer and how they work.

The second assignment was more challenging. How could we surprise their foreign contacts with a genuinely unique gift that would reflect the Belgian Chambers’ high standing?

To answer that question, we called in the best artistic talent in our agency, the one and only Steven.


It’s easy to find a whole host of clichés. Take a quick look online and you’ll be right there. But what we needed – a genuinely personal, original and unique promotional gift –

wasn’t on offer.

Steven came up with a wonderful idea: a laser-cut wooden case. There would be a pack of cards inside. And each playing card would illustrate a different highlight that typifies Belgium.

The drawings were the work of our in-house artist, Steven. The cards were printed by Cartamundi.

A truly beautiful gift with international appeal, wouldn’t you agree?

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