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Marketing and communication advice

Need help with marketing and communication? Magelaan offers you valuable insight into customer behaviour and trends. We identify your target group, find out where they spend time online and offline, and help you decide what type of message to convey. We make sure your investment pays off. You can also get a great discount with the ‘KMO-portefeuille’, a Flemish government subsidy for small and medium enterprises.

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Branding is the art of developing a unique image or personality for your business. Creating a brand identity is important, because it provides recognisability and loyalty and increases sales and profits. It helps your customers identify with your brand and associate themselves with your values.

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Layout, infographics and animations

Layout is the crucial aspect of any marketing campaign. It needs to be attractive, informative and readable. Infographics and animations are powerful tools to visualize complex data and information in a way that is attractive and easily conveyed.

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4/Let’s design & build your website!


A well-designed, eye-catching website is indispensable for your marketing strategy. It all starts with UX design. A good website reflects your company’s brand identity and helps increase your sales. To bring more traffic to your website, search engine optimization (SEO) is key.

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Campaigns and social media

A well-planned campaign offers great benefits for your company, as long as you know exactly what you want it to achieve. Social media is a powerful way to reach your target group, because everyone uses one social media channel or another. Don’t forget, though – offline communication is still a powerful tool as well!

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5/Let’s campaign you!

design your packaging!

Exhibition stands and packaging

Exhibitions and trade fairs are a great opportunity to showcase your products and services to potential customers, impress them, and sell more. Your exhibition stand is the key to success, because the design determines whether visitors interact with it. Your packaging should also be attractive and sustainable, appeal to your target group, set you apart from your competitors and fulfil your technical and logistical needs.

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