Communication made simple

Magelaan even makes text correction easy

From now on, we avoid errors together via corrections directly in the layout! No more corrections on paper, comments in a pdf, vague descriptions in an e-mail. We just correct everything from a to z in-copy.

You know how it goes. You send in a text and a designer gets to work on the layout. But then the text changes. You pass the changes on. Then something needs to be corrected. And then something else. Before you know it, you are buried under piles of corrections. It has to end somewhere, but only after a lot of grinding of teeth and swearing under your breath. On both sides. But not at Magelaan.

With Magelaan you can correct your own texts and layout

With Magelaan you can correct your own texts and layout. And you do it directly, in the layout file. So no more corrections on paper, comments in pdf files, vague descriptions in an e-mail, suggestions on the phone… you get a login and password and make any corrections you need in the layout file. Don’t worry, it is far easier than it sounds. It is just like working in Word.

This method – doing your own corrections – is particularly handy for documents containing a lot of text that a large group of people are working on together. Your colleagues will have access to the file too and can make corrections at the same time as you. This is how we produced Melexis’ doorstep of an annual report.

One advantage after another

  • No more cursing and grinding of teeth. Just correct what you need to correct.
  • Whether you are the only one making corrections, or if there are two of you, or three …
  • You save huge amounts of time, because there is no more back-and-forth communication.
  • You can work from your own desk.
  • Your stress level returns to zero.
What we are wondering is: why don’t all communications bureaus do things this simply?