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Are your reports readable for the visually impaired? As you may be aware, public reports must be accessible to everyone, including blind and partially-sighted people. Therefore, when drafting such reports, we follow the AnySurfer guidelines.

What is AnySurfer?
The AnySurfer guidelines make reports in PDF format accessible to blind and partially-sighted people, a bit like the AAA tags on websites. Once users have adjusted their Acrobat settings and downloaded a PDF file, the software filters the key information from the file, removes all background photos and colours, increases the font size of both the titles and the text, and displays everything black on white. The ultimate goal is to increase readability.

For blind people too
The PDF reader for blind people – which is also available for tablets – reads the entire PDF file to the user. A pause before and after titles, subtitles and captions makes the message as clear as possible.

An example? The Flanders Tourist Office report!
We’ve got news for you! This year, Magelaan is processing all the communication material of the Flanders Tourist Office. Our first assignment as part of this partnership was a report about international tourism trends. We drew up the report in line with the AnySurfer guidelines, allowing everyone to read it and find out that Flanders welcomes 80% of all foreign tourists, and Brussels accounts for one third of this figure. The nicely crafted tables and recognisable icons make it as easy as pie to read and interpret the figures.


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