Communication made simple

Our method

We start with your needs
Your requirements are always where we start. What is important is who do you want to reach, why, and how do you want to reach them. Together we look for – and find – the answers.

We analyse
We analyse your needs. Are the communication channels you use the most suitable ones? Are there better ways of doing things? Is the proposed timing feasible? Are there more economical options? Then we discuss things with you. We present the various options. In consultation with you, we decide which path it would be best to take.

We make a plan
A good communications strategy requires feasible planning. This means we need to take into account all the intermediary steps that lead to successful communication. We set measurable goals that will determine whether the strategy has worked.

We provide the design and technology
On the basis of the chosen target group, goals and communication plan, we come up with a creative, eye-catching and pleasant design. We also suggest technical solutions to help you achieve your goals more easily.

We make it happen
We put the plan into action. We explain each intermediate step to you. We only carry the plans out once you are completely satisfied with everything.

We measure the effect
We investigate whether the goals have been achieved. Sometimes this is very simple to do, and sometimes we need to do more extensive research.
We also check whether your communication management system has genuinely simplified matters.

We report and draw conclusions
We present the results of our analysis. On the basis of the external input, we decide together whether to continue with the existing strategy or whether adjustments are needed.
Together we investigate how we can simplify communications even further.