Communication made simple

Magelaan adopts a multimedia approach

Ever considered letting go of your message in the form of a radio spot on the world? The perfect solution if you ask us. For a relatively small budget you make a radio spot that sticks.

Have you ever considered spreading your message in the form of a radio advert? We think it's the perfect solution. For a limited budget, you can create a catchy radio advert which people will remember. What's more, you can control the coverage yourself. Whereas radio used to be the only option, these days you can also play a radio advert on numerous digital channels. It's exciting to see just how much you can increase your coverage in this way.


Magelaan conducted the radio and viral campaigns for events such as the BIS trade fair, the Belgian Boat Show and the REVA trade fair. Always surprising, far from dull and guaranteed to attract attention.

Magelaan provides ideas for radio adverts…

Jan Matthijssen. You're sure to know him, that man who tries to speak proper Flemish but who mainly comes out with a typical Ghent accent... We asked him if he would be willing to promote the REVA trade fair in a radio advert, and he was! The advert can be heard on Radio 2 Limburg (and also via this digital channel) and aims to encourage Limburgers to come all the way to Ghent to visit REVA. And why not “een dagkske Gent aan breien?” (spend a day exploring Ghent while they're at it?).

… and implements them, too!

How do you promote a boat show? Our radio advert starts with the penetrating sound of a fog horn emerging from the silence. The sound seems to go on for several minutes and immediately grabs the listeners by the scruff of the neck. The captain then shouts through a megaphone that the Belgian Boat Show is being launched once again. Is it down to our radio advert? The fact is that the visitor figures went through the roof.

Viral clips too

We came up with another viral campaign for the REVA trade fair. We produced a 30-second thriller based on Hitchcock's infamous film Psycho. A bathroom as a location, atmospheric black and white images, an older woman and a young rascal of a grandson as the main characters. And how does it end? You can find out here. These days, viral campaigns make it all over the world.

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