Communication made simple


Investing in infographics offers a clear added value to your corporate communication. Not least in terms of SEO. There is nothing easier to share than a nice visual. Therefore you score well in Google. Infographics are so much more than just pretty pictures. Good examples include a mix of data, design and story. For six of our customers – De Punt, EROV, Sibelga, Toerisme Vlaanderen, VLM and Woodwize – we put theory into practice. Mission accomplished?

The importance of infographics in our image-driven society

Visualising your corporate information in infographics is becoming increasingly important. People simply look more than they read and they also learn more that way. Let’s juggle some figures: 65% of the population is visually oriented. People who receive information through an image remember 80% of it. Should they get the same information in the form of a text, then only 20% sticks.

An opportunity to stand out

Why use an image that has been used 1000 times before? Why not invest in an attractive infographic instead? You score in terms of SEO, because beautiful infographics make people watch, click and share. Images are so easy to share via Instagram or Pinterest. And they improve your score in Google.

Infographics made by Magelaan

For our clients, we created infographics that look good and provide clear and accurate information. Without further ado. Take a look for yourself. Images say more than words here as well.

Creating a good infographic is a job for professionals

Understanding the integration of text and image is required to create a high-quality infographic. You understand that such visual is not made on a whim. And you probably also realize that it is best to leave it to professionals such as Magelaan. Maybe we can get started on yours?

May we create such a beautiful and efficient infographic for you too?

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