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Sparkling city marketing for Mechelen

In the guide "Hear, see & Mechelen. Experience the city with all your senses" you see, feel, hear, taste and touch the city. The result? The brochure takes you into a world full of sensory experiences.

With the guide “Hearing, Seeing & Mechelen. Experience the city with all your senses”, you see, feel, hear, touch and taste the city. What do you experience standing at the top of the tower of St Rumbold’s Cathedral? What do you feel if you literally walk on the water of the river Dijle? What scents waft your way from the Kruidtuin Park? What do you feel in Mechelen transit camp? All the best-known sights of Mechelen are described in terms of the senses. The result? A brochure that sweeps up its readers into a world of experiences.