Investing in infographics offers a clear added value to your corporate communication. Not least in terms of SEO. There is nothing easier to share than a nice visual. Therefore you score well in Google. Infographics are so much more than just pretty pictures. Good examples include a mix of data, design and story. For six of our customers – De Punt, EROV, Sibelga, Toerisme Vlaanderen, VLM and Woodwize – we put theory into practice. Mission accomplished?

Your product stands out in the market thanks to its outstanding quality, user-friendliness, format, and so on. But does your packaging do likewise? Does it reflect what’s inside? How about your choice of colour? Your slogan?

Are your reports readable for the visually impaired? As you may be aware, public reports must be accessible to everyone, including blind and partially-sighted people. Therefore, when drafting such reports, we follow the AnySurfer guidelines.

The Lotus dinosaur makes your mouth water

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